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Hamilton Academy is set up to help Medical Doctors prepare for the PLAB Examinations on their road to becoming licensed to practice medicine in the UK.

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Hamilton's Online ECG Course


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A 7 Day online course on reading, identification and management of common ECG diagnosis.

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It made all the difference! If not for you, Hamilton. That exam was hard, but you made us get the knowledge instead of cramming clinchers.

Dr. Ademolu

I passed! Thank you so much for the knowledge and experience gained during the program. It helped a whole lot. You can see the evidence!!!

Dr. Bisola

Just saw it, I passed! Thank you so much! I owe you big time. You tried for me

Dr. Aije

Thanks a million Dr. Hamilton. You be strong man true true.

Dr. Odufele

Yaaaaaay! 1st attempt. Hamilton has the midas touch. I'll be doing free adverts for him as soon as he releases the next date for his next tutorials

Dr. Dee
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