Dr. Hamilton Academy PLAB 1 Course

Become a licensed Medical Doctor in the UK.

We provide comprehensive online learning materials for our students, including lecture videos, study guides, practice exams and expert advice to help them prepare for their PLAB examinations.

Dr. Hamilton Academy for PLAB 1
Dr. Hamilton Academy for PLAB 1

Comprehensive online learning experience

Gain an in-depth understanding of medical topics with our comprehensive online learning platform that covers all aspects of the PLAB Examination.

Exam preparation made easy

We provide practice exams that are designed to test your knowledge on different topics covered by the PLAB Examinations. Our practice exams will help you understand what you know and what you need to revise more.

Learn at your own pace

Our lecture videos and study guides are designed to give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, while still providing expert advice to help focus on the right topics.


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Watch a sample video on Acute Coronary Syndrome